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most popular questions

How do I start the process?
Simply click on one of the contact us links whether you would rather email or call or even request a call back from us and we will discuss all options.
What if my relative doesn't believe they need help?
We completely understand! This is such a hard and upsetting situation, all our staff are fully trained in assisting people. We promote independence at all times, whatever level of assistance is required we will tailor a care plan which will give you peace of mind but will also ensure your loved one is in control of their own care.
How long does it take from making the enquiry to the care starting?
We can start it when you want us to – once the enquiry is made a senior member of staff will come out to meet with you and your loved ones at a time convenient to you. This will be when the information for the care plan is collected. Then using the information given by you and your loved one, we will tailor a care plan to the individual. If you require a more immediate start then just call the office and we will be able to make arrangements for this to happen.
How much will this cost?
We understand the daunting thought of the price of good care but rest assured we deliver excellent care at affordable prices. This is something we will discuss with you when we come out to discuss the care plan.
How will I know what the carers are doing when they are at my loved ones house?
We will keep a log book in your loved ones home. It’s mandatory the carers fill in this book, print, sign and date it. Yourself and your loved one are welcome to read this at any point. Also some people choose to get a communication book as well in case there is a message you would like to relay to the carers. At Walker and Harrison Care we also use a software which allows care staff to see necessary information relating to specific service users, with this comes a client portal so service users and/or family members can access this and they will be able to see what dates and time staff will be there. Also if any incidents or accidents occur, they will be able to be seen here as well as any other information. This way it helps the service user and their loved ones be involved as much as possible.
How much notice would we have to give you to stop the service?
If you wanted to terminate the service completely ,we would ask for 2 weeks notice in writing. If you wanted to just cancel certain visits, we would ask for 24 hour notice via telephone. We understand sometimes this can’t be helped and for any medical emergencies, we wouldn’t require any notice just a phone call to let us know and we will put everything on hold until services are needed to resume.
What payment methods are available?
We prefer service users to pay by direct debit. Alternatively, you can pay online – our bank details will be on the invoice or you can send a check via post.
What shall I do if I can't get to the door to let a care worker in?
The simplest way to solve this is to have a key safe fitted to the outside of your property. Your care workers can then be told the combination code and will be able to let themselves in. These can be purchased at any hardware shop.