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meet the team

amy walker

director & registered manager

I started out as a community carer 12 years ago! I worked for a number of years in the community before I was promoted to Senior carer. I wasn’t in the senior position long when I was approached and asked if I was happy to accept the promotion to Care Delivery Manager which I was. Although this is an incredibly hard industry to work in I believe it is also one of the most rewarding jobs out there. I have provided care on both a professional and a personal level so when I say I understand your worries I am being sincere. I’ve been in your shoes and that’s one of the reasons why I have decided to do this.

Terriann sullivan

director & operations manager

I started in care in 2007. 13 years ago, I started in a care home for adults with learning difficulties and I absolutely loved it. After a number of years I was ready to start moving up and making a career. I tried a couple of different things but found the only thing I seem to be good at is caring for people. I had no experience in the home care industry but somehow managed to get a job as a Care Delivery Manager. This is when I met Amy and we have been close friends ever since. Even when I left the company to look after my dad we kept in touch, Amy provided the carers to help assist with my dads care. We are dedicated to only employing staff that we would allow to look after our own family members. I helped look after my dad for a number of years before he passed away. On any hospital stays or doctors visits my dad would always tell doctors, nurses or anybody who would listen that he had the best carer in the world (me) and that’s where the Harrison comes in – my Dad Mr Harrison.

hannah mason

field care supervisor

I have worked in care for 7+ years, both community based and residential care. Caring for others is something I have always loved and find very rewarding. I was overjoyed to be offered a position with Walker and Harrison Care. Walker and Harrison as a business share many of my own personal values and beliefs. We ensure each service user is safe, comfortable and treat with the upmost dignity and respect. I look forward to meeting you!